Viewpoints for a better ANA & Numismatic hobby.

Building a solid and robust numismatic community

 If our numismatic hobby and the American Numismatic Association are to grow in the coming years, public relations and outreach to potentially new members must become increasingly important.  The new state quarter release program has generated great collector interest among non-collectors. We have an opportunity to encourage and further develop this interest through the new quarter program.  The ANA has the opportunity right now to recruit new members through a carefully thought-out marketing campaign based upon reaching the new collectors of quarters.  We need to reach these beginning collectors in interesting and exciting ways and develop their interest in different specialties.

 How can we reach these “new coin collectors?”  We can do articles in organizational publications sponsored by the American Association of Retired People, the American Automobile Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and similar groups.  These articles would end with a by-line regarding our Association.  The ANA can also develop new and interesting programs for young numismatists.  We should also let everyone know the availability of our current young numismatist programs which include the summer seminar, David Cervin Roman Coin Project and other things.  I would like to see the ANA develop a syllabus for Boy or Girl Scout coin-collecting merit badge clinics.  This syllabus would be made available to our member coin clubs.  All the coin club would have to do is get the local scout chapter do the certification for the scouts. Programs should also be made available at our conventions that would be geared to the beginning or emerging collector as well as the advanced collector.  Press releases to the media, clubs and The Numismatist can increase attendance for our ANA traveling exhibit program. We can also continue to develop more traveling exhibits in specialty areas.

 I would like to see the ANA continue to provide and develop the necessary tools to help our member coin clubs grow.  Summer seminar courses can be held at coin shows or clubs around the country, reaching more members.  At ANA headquarters, the summer seminar course schedule can include “How to Run a Coin Show” as one of their offerings.  Alert the coin clubs to the ways the ANA can help them.  We can reach out to them with ideas on how to increase the awareness of numismatics in their area, provide articles for the local newspapers, and hold regional meetings on growing their club membership.

  Dealers and collector members alike want convention sites that are accessible and attract the largest crowds.  The ANA can provide sample media kits to help in preparing advertising for conventions.  Dealer feedback can also be solicited.  The exhibit area in the front of our convention bourse has proven to be very popular and should continue to be kept there.  Being a strong advocate for open board meetings, I would want to continue to keep them open.  We should also have all of our meetings during the convention show hours with the exception of mediation, contracts and awards.  Everyone including the media should also receive the agenda items including the non-contract budget items.  Town Hall meetings should also be held at our two annual board meetings.   I would also want a table at the convention where the members could meet and talk to their Board members.

 We've talked about articles and press releases to the media, new venues for placing numismatic information, programs for young collectors, diverse convention seminars, and increased traveling exhibits.  But one of the largest growth areas has been in the use of the Web.  We can feature a story from The Numismatist on our Web site each month.  There is a need to continually update our Web site with current data.  We can have information available on CD and investigate the use of e-commerce.  Stolen items can be listed on our site to assist in their recovery.  We can reach our member club representatives or presidents by e-mail with ANA information.

 At this time the ANA has an unprecedented opportunity to increase interest in collecting numismatic material, thereby encouraging the growth of coin clubs.  As the membership in ANA and coin clubs grow, this would mean increased business for our dealers.  I believe the growth in ANA membership will come in two ways: first, through providing benefits and support for our member collectors and dealers; and second, through a public relations campaign to attract new members.  A vibrant and strong numismatic hobby benefits all of us.

John Wilson, ANA President

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